M.P.S. offers an integrated chain of services allowing clients’ components to pass through Mechanical Machining, Non destructive testing, Shot peening, Chemical Processes, Protective treatments and Assemblies entirely at our premises. The mechanical working and Surface treatments, are performed in the in two different plants, 300 mt distant from each one.

We offer a turn key approach assuring short lead time and high standards quality. This means that customers can improve production planning and cost control. This integrated chain of services can be applied to a broad range of structural and mechanical aircraft components, in a wide range of materials such as steel, aluminium and titanium alloys.

Bulkheads, Frames, Spars, Levers and torque tube, Miscellanuos machined and sheet metal stamping, Racks for satellities.

Titanium machined Linkages, Machined inserts to be co-bodend in composite structure.

Interiors design and manufacturing (Metal-Composite), Command and control desk Structure (Metal-Composite).

Hydraulic distributors, Desk operator, Machined extruded rails, Frames, Machined and metal stamped parts.


High standards

We build process-safe CNC programmes for prototyping and serial production. Components of different dimensions and complexity can easily be programmed for a variety of 3-5-axis machines. Engineering Department equipped with different CAD/CAM system CATIA, SIEMENS and PROENGINNER. Tools are designed and build up inside the M.P.S. Industrial Engineer Department.

In addition to the traditional control tools, M.P.S. perform dimensional accurate inspection with a Zeiss Accura II bridge-typ,e Coordinates Measurement Machine having a measurement range X=1200 mm Y=4200 mm Z=1000 mm. It provides outstanding performance with high accuracy and measuring speeds.

M.P.S. services include shot peening, enabling our clients to offer services for different programs.
The Three Shot peening Machines can perform Shot peening using Glass Bubble or Steel Bubble.

"Penetrative Liquid” and “Magnetic Particle Inspection” are part of the integrated offering that M.P.S. propose to the customers.
Both the processes are certified by the main aeronautical and are also Nadcap Accreditated.

Protective Treatments are usually the final process to be applied after chemical and electrochemical treatments have been done. M.P.S. is specialized in a wide range of protective treatments. For the following protective treatments M.P.S. can guarantee an experience of more than twenty years. Application of Primers, Application of Top Coat, Application of Insulating Covering System, Application of Solid Lubrication, Teflon Coating.

M.P.S. is a leader in chemical and electrochemical processes with a high level of experience in metal surface treatments, implementation and management of customer specification and Quality Assurance procedures. Our Chemical and Electrochemical processes are Nadcap Accredited moreover they are recognized and qualified by the major Aerospace Industries. M.P.S. has three indipendent plants for the chemical and electrochemical treatments, both fully automated.

Alkaline cleaning, Acid Pickling, Chromic Acid Anodizing, Chromic Acid Anodizing for Bonding, Sulphuric Acid Anodizing, Sulphuric Acid, Boric Acid Anodize, Hard Anodizing (sulphuric acid anodizing with oxide average thickness of 50 micron), Phosphoric Acid Anodizing, Chemical coating, Tartaric-Sulphuric acid anodizing (TSA).

Cleaning, Descaling and surface preparation of titanium and titanium alloy, Application of Sol-Gel Conversion Coatings, Phosphate-Fluoride Coating.
Steel alloys
Zink Nickel Plating Alk, Steel Passivation in HNO3.

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M.P.S. offers through Mechanical Machining, Non destructive testing, Shot peening, Chemical Processes, Protective treatments and Assemblies.