Surface Treatments

Whether our services are carried out within our production facility, or externally on our clients premises our mission is to satisfying the customers production needs, complying with their quality standards and delivering the services in time.

M.P.S. offers an integrated chain of services allowing clients’ components to pass through non destructive testing, shot peening, surface and protective treatments entirely at our premises. This integrated chain of services can be applied to a broad range of structural and mechanical aircraft components, in a wide range of materials such as aluminum and titanium alloy.

We offer a turn key approach assuring short lead time and high standards quality . This means that customers can improve production planning and cost control.

M.P.S. offer several services:


Chemical processes for aluminum alloys

  • Alkaline cleaning
  • Acid Pickling
  • Chromic Acid Anodizing
  • Chromic Acid Anodizing for Bonding
  • Sulphuric Acid Anodizing
  • Sulphuric Acid – Boric Acid Anodize
  • Hard Anodizing (sulphuric acid anodizing with oxide average thickness of 50 micron)
  • Phosphoric Acid Anodizing
  • Chemical coating
  • Tartaric-Sulphuric acid anodizing (TSA)

Chemical processes for Titanium alloys

  • Cleaning, descaling and surface preparation of titanium and titanium alloy
  • Application of Sol-Gel Conversion Coatings
  • Phosphate-Fluoride Coating

Chemical processes for Steel alloys

  • Zink Nickel Plating Alk
  • Steel Passivation in HNO3

Protective Treatments

  • Application of primer
  • Application of varnish for finishing
  • Application of molybdenum disulphate dry lubricant coating
  • Application of Insulation Coatings
  • Application of Teflon Coating
  • Application of Adhesive Primer

Material Control

  • Hardness testing
  • Conductivity testing

Non Destructive Testing

  • Fluorescent Penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection