Metal conditioning

Shot Peening

M.P.S. services include shot peening, enabling our clients to offer services for diverse programs.

With our three shot peening plants we could cover a wide range of PNs in aluminum, titanium and steel with shape, size and different shot peening needs like peening intensity and coverage.

M.P.S. ensures a high technical and engineering competences able to analyze and manage even the peening of PNs complex and critical. All our engineers have followed courses recognized by NADCAP and have obtained the certification of level II as well as all our operators are certified and their skills continuously updated through courses given by MFN’s experts.

M.P.S.i can ensure short production lead time also for high rate programs thanks to the productive capacity of our plants.

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Plant 1
ROSLER shot-peening machine is an automatic 4-axis CN controlled (Siemens S840 Dl) capable of processing 7 m x 1.2 m x 0.5 m (LxWxH) airframe parts (maximum load capacity 150Kg). The blasting chamber is 2.0 m long, 2.4 m wide and 3.0 m high and has a motorized turntable controlled by CNC with a load capability of 250 Kg. The system is equipped with 6 straight blasting lines (with 6 nozzles) and a rotating lance for inner hole/lugs blasting.”

This plant allows operator to back up, editing and selection of individual component programs through a real-time PC interface.
ROSLER machine is compliant with a broad range of industry specifications including but not only NADCAP, BAC 5730, NTA 72353, AIPS 02-02-004 and AMS2430

Plant 2
This shot peening plant is equipped with two turbines for the centrifugation of media on the parts and the cabin sizes are 1100 x 800 x 1500 mm. It is also equipped with:
- two turbines suitable for centrifugation of media on the parts;
- two hooks for positioning and handling of parts into the cabin;
- a mechanical shifter with gear wheel and a system of mechanical chains able to move and rotate the parts at a fixed speed set by the manufacturer at 5,7 rpm;
- a system for aspiration and dust collection able to keep the cabin in depression;
- an abrasive recovery system;
- a dust collection unit;
- a control cabinet
- HW and SW with User Interface for the visualization and control of all the functions/process parameters.

Plant 3
This shot peening plant is a semi-automatic machine with a working chamber 900 x 700 x 700 mm and it is equipped with:
- rotary table
- horizontal rotation
- horizontal and vertical offsets
- An holder equipped with rods and fixing system allows to use up to 6 nozzles simultaneously.


Glass Peening

M.P.S. is equipped with a Glass Peening cabinet.


M.P.S. is equipped with a sandblasting cabinet and a portable sandblasting machine.