Product Quality

Commitment & Quality

We place the greatest importance on quality. All of our management have been trained in Quality System & Auditing in order to emphasize quality throughout the entire organization.

Commitment to Excellence 

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our devotion to quality, service and training. We have annual investment in our two greatest resources; capital equipment and technical training. In this way, we can offer up-to-date services to our customers who demand technical excellence as well as good service.

Quality Control

The most important factor in obtaining the highest quality metal finishing is the assurance of consistent quality. At M.P.S. srl quality is our most important product. Our quality control system, comprised of our inspection and process control systems, is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of any prime contractor specification.

Inspection System

Our inspection department is equipped with the latest electronic inspection instruments as well as gages and dimensional measuring devices found only in most high quality machine shops. Our inspection personnel are specifically trained in the use of all our inspection equipment. The inspectors perform a complete visual and dimensional inspection of customer parts prior to processing, as well as during processing to ensure blueprint and specification requirements have been met. All testing procedures are regularly monitored by our supervisory personnel . All inspection equipment, test instrumentation and gages are inspected, calibrated and documented on a regular basis as outlined in our quality control manual.