• A story that comes from a man who has lived the aviation a whole life and taught us what it means to be a company in the aerospace sector "my father Vincenzo", from a family that wants to get involved in a technological and competitive market " my brothers Alessandro, Adriano and Alberto "to a team that every day dedicates part of the life for the company success" Domenico, Giuseppe, Arcangelo, Tommaso, Annalisa and Salvio "to all our operators. It does not matter how big your business is today. Each company starts from a dream and a project. Every company has a humble origin and to remind people of it is to reduce the distance between your organization and their life.  M.P.S. Srl is a company that operates in the Aerospace, Automotive and Energy sectors, providing an integrated production service, from precision mechanics to surface treatments (including MPI and shot peening). Our certifications clearly indicate how over the years our customers have believed in us, from the US giant Boeing to the most important European aerospace consortium Airbus, from the canadians of Bombardier to the Brazilians of Embraer, in addition the NADCAP certifications seal the excellent work that the our team has operated in these years. In these years the company has developed excellent relationships with Israeli, French, German, Portuguese companies, etc ... that testify how our history is of integration and success in the international field. A story that began with my father and that will continue with me, my brothers and the whole team of M.P.S. Srl in the sign of respect, development and sharing, as expressed in our slogan to our customers, "Let's build the future together".
  • Total Customer Satisfaction is achieved by our people in our culture of continuous improvement in everything we do, delivering the services on time and to the specified quality which our customer expect.
  • Strategy:
    Offer a Turn Key Product,
    Advanced Technologies,
    Advanced Qualifications,
    Advanced Management & Full Service to Commitment in Special Processes & job (/project) management
  • Mission:
    Long Term Accountability
  • Values:
    Total Quality Management & Business Processes Management